Exfoliating Body Bar

Exfoliating Body Bar

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This bar is infused with pink clay, Himalayan sea salt for a soft scrub, and a blend of 100% calming essential oils. Exfoliate your body with this all natural soap bar. Indulge in a gentle scrub and creamy lather. Your skin will stay moisturized, all while removing dead skin cells and refreshing your skin.

Clear away those dead skin cells, while protecting your skin. Get a single handmade luxury soap bar, handmade to protect you. 

Inspired by chemistry; perfected by Mother Nature. 

Keep your skin exfoliated, without all those nasty chemicals. Infused with Himalayan sea salt for extra exfoliating properties, and 100% lavender essential oils. Set to cure for 6-12 weeks, this bar is long-lasting and will leave your skin brand new. Made with sustainable, all natural vegetable oils. Vegan! Made with love, and 100% essential oils. Sold Individually. FREE shipping in USA.