At 13 years old, I began saving the world. The US Military showed that quality soap works better than vaccines. The Center for Disease Control says that it saves 1.5 million lives worldwide, annually.

Handmade Soap Club, was born. We are now the largest online supplier of Handmade Luxury Soap. Through 5 years of ups and downs, I have been blessed with a purpose. Creating substance by intensifying and reacting divergent chemical compounds has captivated my senses. As my love for such a sensational implementation grew, so did my urge to observe and experiment with the intellectual behaviors of the substantial world.

Such intent has carved the woman I am today - A self-employed, strong minded, independent Badass. 

I aspire to curate the best soap. Made to nourish the skin, with love and 100% essential oils. My soaps take 3-12 months to make: inspired by chemistry, perfected by Mother Nature. I only sell through my “Soap Club,” and membership is limited.

If you're in the Soap Club, you are guaranteed 3 Luxury Soap Bars a month. Select your favorites, or allow me to select some favorites.