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No cancer-causing preservatives, carcinogens, colorants or perfumes.


You make the best soap. It does not dry out my skin. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product."

Leila Smith


Love the smell, Love the texture, love the lather!!!."

Jenny Vollmer


Wonderful soap! I use it all the time; is so much better than liquid body wash."

K. Janal

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What size are your bars?

Huge! Each Handmade Soap Club bar is approximately 4.0 ounces. Size varies due to being hand cut. Most bars sold in stores are usually 3.0 to 3.5 ounces.

Do I have to commit to autobill?

No way. When you sign up, you choose. It's easy to control your membership in your client portal.  You can pause a month, add more soap - whatever you want, when you want.  I've designed this website to serve as your personal soap caddy! You control when you get it and how many luxury bars you want - either 2 or 4!

How do you make your bars last so long?

Secret chemistry and a bit of alchemy. But don’t worry, it’s completely natural, safe and actually beneficial to your skin.