White Lavender Trio
White Lavender Trio

White Lavender Trio

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Get a set of 3 handmade luxury soaps. This is our best-seller! Extremely moisturizing, long-lasting, and our personal favorite. This was the first soap bar Lily (our founder) ever made!! 

Best used for dry skin, and for skin issues like eczema, acne, and dermatitis. Refresh your senses, keep your skin moisturized. Open your pores and deep cleanse with this charcoal infused, handmade luxury soap bar. Set to cure for 6-12 weeks, this bar is long-lasting and will leave your skin fresh and clear.


- Made with sustainable, all natural vegetable oils. VEGAN!!

- Made with love.

- 100% lavender essential oils

- Charcoal Infused!!