Simple Soap Set

Simple Soap Set

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This is our Simple Soap Set! This bundle includes an Unscented Simple Soap Bar, Unscented Liquid Soap, and an all natural soap saver.

Our Simple Unscented Soap Bar is handmade with olive oil, Shea butter, and coconut oil. That’s it! This soap bar contains no essential oils. It’s super simple! Made for the most sensitive skin. Indulge in a rich, creamy lather and nourish your skin.

Our all natural, organic formula of Simple Castile Soap is completely unscented. With hydrating oils like jojoba and olive oil, your skin will be nourished and hydrated. This soap won't leave you feeling dry like other soaps!

Also receive an all natural fiber soap bag - exfoliate your entire body, and get the most out of your soap bar.

  • No fragrance or essential oils
  • Made for SENSITIVE SKIN!
  • Handmade with Shea Butter and Olive Oil
  • No Harsh Chemicals!
  • Great for allergy prone skin!
  • Each bar is about 4oz