"The Silent Killers in Your Bathroom: Toxic Soap Linked to Health Problems"

Let me ask you something - What soaps do you use around your home?

This is a serious questions, because 99% of people are using toxic chemicals to wash their hands and body.

It's unfortunate, but true.

Store-bought soaps, both bar and liquid, are known to contain toxic chemicals, like fragrance, parabens, triclosan, benzene, artificial dyes and surfactants. These chemicals are known to cause cancer, brain damage, infertility, and other health issues.

You're probably wondering,
"Why would the ingredients matter so much, if I'm just rinsing it off?"


"What about the additives to help kill germs?"

Let's start with some basics.

Soap is the most effective combat against all things infectious. According to The New York Times, "A drop of ordinary soap diluted in water is sufficient to rupture and kill many types of bacteria and viruses, including the new coronavirus that is currently circling the globe."

Soap molecules disrupt the chemical bonds that allow bacteria to stick to surfaces, lifting and removing them off the skin completely. Bye, bye germs!!

No need for toxic chemicals or additives. Soap is soap. And it's been saving lives for thousands of years. The US Military showed that quality soap works better than vaccines. The Center for Disease Control says that it saves 1.5 million lives worldwide, annually.

So, now that we've discussed why soap works, let's discuss the importance of ingredients.

Here's the deal...

Fragrance is found everywhere, and it's one of the most popular toxic chemicals. It's found in everything! In fact, most 'natural' products are RUINED by this ingredient: Everything looks good in the ingredients and then BOOM - fragrance! Ew!

It's highly toxic and has been linked to countless health issues. The chemicals used to make fragrance are classified as allergens, hormone disruptors, asthma triggers, neurotoxins & carcinogens. 

Did you know?!

The cosmetic industry is NOT required to disclose the ingredients they use. In 1938, the industry was granted self-regulation. Since then, over 25,000 chemicals are marketed without government intervention.

According to Persistance Market Research, "common ingredients found in [fragrance] are benzyl alcohol, acetone, linalool, ethanol, ethyl acetate, benzaldehyde, camphor, formaldehyde, methylene chloride and limonene. Synthetic musks and phthalates are potentially hazardous compounds which are also used as perfume ingredients. Coumarin, á-amyl cinnamaldehyde, benzyl benzonate, p-anisaldehyde and benzyl acetate are aroma chemicals used most widely in cosmetics and toiletries."

When using product's that contain nasty, cancer-causing chemicals, you're putting yourself at a high risk of cancer, and numerous other health issues.

As our body's largest organ, our skin absorbs everything within a short 20 seconds. Further, entering the bloodstream. These chemicals do not leave our bodies! These chemicals break down your immune system and destroy your cells - causing irreversible damage to your body.

It's extremely important to read the ingredients and be cautious of the products you use.

As a young, award winning entrepreneur and soap maker, I take pride in providing the purest soaps to my Soap Club. After intensive research into the cruel world of chemicals put into everyday products, I've dedicated my life to making an alternative to drying bricks of chemicals.

In today's age, with hundreds of vaccines and robots, it's almost magic that a bit of real soap and water could save your life. Just about every two and a half minutes, we touch our eyes, nose, or mouth - offering a dangerous portal for nasty germs into our bodies.

Soap is our most valuable medical intervention. And it isn't just for washing hands. It's meant to wash your entire body. Hair. Face. EVERYTHING. From head to toe.

Without chemicals, my handmade luxury soaps will leave your skin smooth and moisturized. Enhanced with nutritious butters, essential oils, and natural clays. My soaps are made to make your skin feel loved, nourished, and cleansed. 

Ditch those nasty toxic soaps!

Indulge in luxury.