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16 Mar, 2020

Why Soap Works

Have you heard the story of how they discovered Soap? Thousands of years ago, rain had washed fat and ashes from animal sacrifices, down a river; This lead to the discovery of a lather that had the ability to wash skin and clothes. Before this, people used urine. 

According to the New York Times "A drop of ordinary soap diluted in water is sufficient to rupture and kill many types of bacteria and viruses, including the new coronavirus that is currently circling the globe." Soap is the most effective way to stay safe this flu season.
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12 Mar, 2020

The DIY Vaccine

According to the US Army, "Handwashing with soap is an affordable "do-it-yourself" vaccine that effectively prevents disease. Scientific research shows that handwashing with soap prevents disease in a more straightforward and cost-effective way than any single vaccine or medical treatment."

This season rarely effects me, until now. 

I cant even go to Coachella. Yeah, THEY CANCELLED COACHELLA. And many other festivals. So, there goes my rave season...
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07 Mar, 2020

Skin, PMS, Hormones

I've spent my week battling this annoying ass PMS - I get terrible cramps and my skin likes to reminisce on my my early teenage years. Okay, maybe not as bad, but i'm still breaking out! And its annoying. 

It's impossible to have perfect skin. Because, quite frankly, our skin has a mind of its own. Understanding what works for YOU, is YOUR solution. 

I always begin washing my face with my favorite soap - My Black Magick with Charcoal, available at 

The charcoal in this soap penetrates impurities and pulls out all the gunk and junk. 
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03 Mar, 2020

Custom Skincare

There are hundreds of skin myths out there…  

I’ve heard it all, from “There’s only ONE good skin regimen,” to “Oil clogs your pores.” 

These common misconceptions come from mainstream marketing schemes, and the common use of chemicals in store-bought products. 

These are all ridiculous. 

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