I have been soaping since I was 13. Six years later, I’ve found myself sharing my knowledge and supplying soap to people across the world; from Australia and Indonesia to my own neighbors, here in the States. As a young, award winning entrepreneur, I take pride in providing the best luxury soap to my Soap Club. 

Did you know?! The average person encounters over 100 chemicals, before breakfast!! Okay, c’mon guys... We can do SO much better than that. 

Let’s not forget the creamer in your coffee and Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) found in nonstick pans.... Yeah, now your eggs are infected. 

Let’s start simply. Soap is the basis of life. 

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Your bathroom should be like stepping into an oasis. A place for you to refresh and clean up; not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Every shower (or bath!) should benefit your entire body, inside and out. My personal favorite...
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Envisioning your goals and aspirations is essential to creating your own reality. Some people make vision boards, goal lists, journal entries, whatever it may be! I've made a set of affirmations to guide you through 2021. Hopefully, you'll get some inspiration in making your own guide for this year. 

You can download the following link, and gain access to some 2021 guidance. 

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After mixing up all the lye and oils, saponification begins. We keep mixing. The liquid substance begins to get thicker and thicker. We keep mixing. This is when we would add essential oils or colorants. Then, we mix some more... And more... Until desired thickness. The entire soap batch is then poured into a soap mold.

The soaps then sit for a few days, and are hand cut, stamped, and beveled. Then, sit to cure for months. 

Did you know? The longer you let soap cure, the longer it will last in the shower. This means, even when you get your soaps, they age like wine! Let some soap sit for a month or two before using, notice the difference in lather and lasting. 
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