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After intensive research into the cruel world of chemicals put into everyday products, I couldn’t help but wonder: “How can I warn more people about the dangers of chemicals, being secretly added to our soap?”

Essential oils are expensive, hard to find, and scarce. That's the problem. Soaps Makers get lazy! 

The cheaper, more abundant alternative - fragrance - is toxic. 

You've heard me say it before. But I cannot stress this enough. Essentially, fragrance is  made up of chemical compounds.

"But which chemical compounds?"

It is impossible to know! That’s right, the cosmetic industry is NOT required to disclose the ingredients they use. In 1938, the industry was granted self-regulation. Since then, over 25,000 chemicals are marketed without government intervention. They could be using cyanide… nobody would know!

When product’s containing fragrance are used, unknown toxic chemicals are absorbed into the skin. Further, entering the bloodstream. They do not leave our bodies! These chemicals will store in our cells and break down our immune system. 

Why use something so toxic, when essential oils are at your disposal. Thanks to Handmade Soap Club, you don't have to worry. Each bar is made with 100% essential oils, and lots of lovin'. 

An essence of plants, a gift from the Earth, bringing the energy of nature into your heart. 

With hundreds of health benefits, I cannot tell you which essential oils are best for you. But, the following are used to reduce stress and anxiety, sleep and insomnia, inflammation, etc. 

Lavender: The most popular and versatile essential oil. Our best-seller, and my personal favorite! Best used to ease anxiety, stress, and insomnia. 

French Cedar Wood: This oil has been used as medicine to help hair loss. While this seems random, it is also used spiritually - to call protection and good spirits. This oil is a man's favorite. Almost like transporting yourself to the woods. 

Eucalyptus: Known to clear a stuffy nose, relieve muscle tension, and rid bugs, this oil is ultimately universal. Our charcoal bar is extra cleansing and antibacterial with this oil. 

Patchouli: Known as the hippie oil. That is because it is extremely beneficial when it comes to mood-harmonizing, balancing, and grounding. Also known to be anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. 

You may reap these benefits in many ways. Candles, Aromatherapy. Diffusers. Lotion. Distilled Oils. HANDMADE SOAP CLUB.

You can find all of these oils in my handmade luxury soaps. My luxury soap bars are made with 100% essential oils. Pamper your skin and protect your family! There is no need to sacrifice your health. 

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