Why Our Soaps Last Longer

Why Our Soaps Last Longer

These Soap Bars Last Forever

Everyone wonders, "How long will a soap bar last?" 

Well, let's see!

A common misconception, claims handmade soap bars simply melt away and dissolve the second they touch water. You'll only get a few days of use, before you have a slimy, icky soap bar. Commercial companies use chemicals to make sure those bars last longer. As the consumer, you're forced to pick between an icky slimy bar, or a chemical filled detergent that's guaranteed to last.

But not if your soap is Handmade Soap Club! You don't have to sacrifice. Each bar is handmade with natural vegetable oils, essential oils, and clay colorants. No chemicals! Your soap then sits for at least 4 weeks, before being delivered to you.

Each soap bar is made to last a bit more than a week, if you're using it consistently in the shower. My partner and I use 4 bars a month, and there's two of us! We wash our hair, face, and hands with these babies. 

No chemicals. No icky slimy soap. Just pure, long-lasting love.

Handmade with love and 100% essential oils, our soaps are seriously the best... 

Once cut into bars, our soap sits for 4-6 weeks, at least. This is the big secret!! This allows the soap to 'cure' and harden overtime. The longer your soap bar sits, the longer lasting it becomes. This is also where soap companies skimp on you! They don't let the soap cure... They're using additives and emulsifying agents to skip the 'cure' process. It's the work of a lazy soap maker! Yes, even small soap businesses are doing this. 

Real soap should make you feel clean, smelling delicious, and your skin radiate. 

You can get your monthly supply of soap in our Soap Club. Receive 3 handmade luxury soaps, monthly. You can customize your soaps and cancel anytime.

When in the Soap Club, you get exclusive access to special soaps, and you wont ever need to worry about missing out. And between us, you get some special treatment ;)

Receive 3 handmade luxury soaps to your doorstep, monthly! Select from 8 different soaps: Charcoal, White Lavender, Confetti, Unscented, French Cedar Wood, Lemon Zest, Vanilla, and Smooth n Sexy. These soaps are made with 100% essential oils and all natural ingredients. Enjoy free samples from my favorite businesses, weekly reports, FREE SHIPPING, and more! We have limited supply.

Don't wanna join the Club? Already in the Club, but need more soap?! No worries! Checkout our Soap Trios for the perfect pack.

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