The DIY Vaccine

Alright Soap Fam, here's the deal. 

We aren't gonna get controversial here, so put your opinions away. 

I'm here to say one thing; Soap works better than vaccines!

Its flu season, swine flu, bird flu, ebola, corona, ... I honestly can't even keep up anymore. 

I never get sick. I mind my own business, WASH MY DAMN HANDS, and keep my things to myself. I'm surrounded by soap. All. The. Time. Im constantly 'disinfected'.

According to the US Army, "Handwashing with soap is an affordable "do-it-yourself" vaccine that effectively prevents disease. Scientific research shows that handwashing with soap prevents disease in a more straightforward and cost-effective way than any single vaccine or medical treatment."

This season rarely effects me, until now. 

I cant even go to Coachella. Yeah, THEY CANCELLED COACHELLA. And many other festivals. So, there goes my rave season...

As this flu season heats up, I suggest everyone stock up on soap, and wash your hands. Before you eat. After you eat. After the bathroom. When you get home. Always. 

I have a bunch of mini soaps I've been waiting to share. These are perfect to keep in your bag, on the go. 

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Keep soap handy! And don't resort to those nasty chemical filled bathroom soaps at work. Protect yourself from those nasty germs and chemicals!

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