Custom Skincare

There are hundreds of skin myths out there…  


I’ve heard it all, from “There’s only ONE good skin regimen,” to “Oil clogs your pores.” 


These common misconceptions come from mainstream marketing schemes, and the common use of chemicals in store-bought products. 

These are all ridiculous. 


Your skincare routine needs to be based on YOUR skin. DUH! No two faces are the same. Nobody has the same skin. Nobody’s body will react to ingredients the same. That’s why, trying to copy people’s EXACT skincare regimen WONT WORK. 


So, there are SEVERAL good skincare regimens. You just need to learn your body, and find what works for you. This is why YOU can build your Soap Box at 


Now, you might wonder about all those oils used to make luxury soap from scratch - coconut oil, canola oil, olive oil, sustainable palm oil, and more!

Well, let me tell you. Oils DO NOT CLOG YOUR PORES, especially when used in soap. CHEMICALS CLOG PORES, not natural oils.


Clogged pores are the result of dead skin cells getting trapped in your skin; caused by toxins in the air, makeup, oils from your hands, dirt and sweat. When soap gets into the pores, it dissolves the oily sebum and kills bacteria. Leaving pores free of grime. 


Here are some common skin products and their purpose. Maybe this can help YOU curate your skincare routine.


SOAP BAR: Washes away dirt & oil without drying the skin. Must be chemical free!


FACE WASH: Fades out blemishes, blackheads and acne.


FACE TONIC: Purifies, soothes, and tones for instant radiance.


FACE CREAM: Moisturizes, balances skin, and eliminates blackheads.


SERUM: Skin treatment for blemishes and imperfections.


Our soaps are carefully curated and designed to keep your skin moisturized, while killing all those nasty germs and removing dirt and grime. 


You can learn more at 


Love, Lily

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  • Kirsten Tang

    Love your soaps . Have too much for now, so please do not send any more until further notice. Thank you Lily

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