Skin, PMS, Hormones

Hey Soap Fam! 

I hope everyones week was swell :) 

I've spent my week battling this annoying ass PMS - I get terrible cramps and my skin likes to reminisce on my my early teenage years. Okay, maybe not as bad, but i'm still breaking out! And its annoying. 

It's impossible to have perfect skin. Because, quite frankly, our skin has a mind of its own. Understanding what works for YOU, is YOUR solution. 

I always begin washing my face with my favorite soap - My Black Magick with Charcoal, available at 

The charcoal in this soap penetrates impurities and pulls out all the gunk and junk. 

I use moisturizers and serums based on my skin that day! Like I said, during this time of month - my skin goes crazy!!

Heres how it works; progesterone levels drop and estrogen levels rise. This triggers your sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum, an oily substance that lubricates your skin.

So with all this extra oil on my skin, I moisturize intensely after washing my face. I use Weleda Skin Food lock in moisture and prevent my face from creating more oil.  

The most important part of skincare is cleansing - Without chemicals that confuse your skin! 

Made with linited ingredients and NO CHEMICALS, Handmade Soap Club has been the solution for many young women - including myself, friends and family, and of course our Soap Club!

"btw, my 11 year old daughter’s skin got so much better with your charcoal soap.  Pimples cleared up. 
Thank you so much !

It warms my heart to produce a product that YOU enjoy - And that works!! I just wish I could make more soap! I only have about a dozen Soap Club openings this month. Reserve your spot at . 

Protect your family. Preserve your skin. 

Love, Lily 

P.S. Have any questions?? You can contact ME directly via instagram @handmade_soapclub . My phone # is also available via Instagram. 

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  • Rose

    I tried your soap for the first time and I have to say it was rich and creamy and my skin felt moisturized and soft.

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