Real Soap Vs. Store-Bought Soap

This is super important!!

It's time to share some TUESDAY TRUTHS.

I feel it's my responsibility to educate our community on the dangers of store-bought soaps. These drying bricks of chemicals are known to cause cancer, and issued by the FDA as detergents.... It's not even real soap!

I realized this in middle school. There needs to be a natural soap, without chemicals, that still bubbles, cleans, and keeps your skin moisturized.

My chemist dad taught me everything about soap.

Creating substance by intensifying and reacting divergent chemical compounds has captivated my senses. As my love for such a sensational implementation grew, so did my urge to observe and experiment with the intellectual behaviors of the substantial world.

Such intent has carved the woman I am today - A self-employed, strong minded, independent Badass. 

I aspire to curate the best handmade luxury soap. Handmade Soap Club is now the largest online supplier of handmade luxury soaps. 

Made to nourish the skin, with love and 100% essential oils. We use natural oils, sourced from sustainable suppliers. Our essential oils are clean and pure - sourced from around the world. 

Each batch makes about 60 bars - meaning we have to make lots of 'small batches'. When soaping this way, it allows us to pour our love, good energy, and lots of intent into each soap bar. 

After being cut into bars, these soaps are then set to cure for about 3-12 months, before getting delivered to your door. This is to ensure a long-lasting, moisturizing, and sensitive soap bar; inspired by chemistry, perfected by Mother Nature. 

Our soaps are known to be universal. Our Soap Fam wash their hair, lather their face and body, and even wash the dishes... I give my puppy a bath with the Unscented Soap, and some people brush their teeth.

With handmade luxury soap, the possibilities are endless... Because, it's REAL soap! 

Stop buying store-bought detergent. Dove, Irish Spring, and the gel-rubber-looking 'handmade soap' are all included. Loaded with toxic chemicals such as fragrance and triclosan, these fake soaps will cause cancer. 

Protect your family. Preserve your skin. 

I sell through my Soap Club, and membership is limited. If you're in the Soap Club, you are guaranteed 3 Luxury Soap Bars a month. Set your delivery schedule, select your soaps, and experience luxury. 

When inventory allows, you can also get soap in the Soap Shop. Here, I sell individual soap bars and more goodies... Check out the Soap Shop.

Love, Lily

P.S. Did you know?? Use code 'PARTY' get 25% OFF Confetti Soap!


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