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Indigenous People's Day

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Today is Indigenous People's Day. The honor and commemoration of Natives peoples and cultures. 

Why do we choose to celebrate Indigenous People's Day rather than Columbus Day? 

Columbus Day glorifies an exploration that led to the genocide of native peoples and paved the way for slavery. 

"As long as you are on stolen land, it will always be Indigenous People's Day."

Now, personally, holidays aren't important to me. I don't celebrate much or treat it as anything other than a family day. However, today is one to be recognized. 

The blatant truth, is that America was founded on racism, white supremacy, genocide, and slavery. All of which are STILL RELEVANT.

To recognize Columbus Day, represents the mass genocide on the millions of people that already inhabited the Americas. 

"Today we celebrate the people who first called this land home. We remember the struggles and tragedies they endured. We honor their place in and contributions to the shared story of America."

With so much terrible shit happening in the world, it's important to stay updated and educated on relevant issues. 

In honor of Indigenous People's Day, we are giving hundreds of soap bars to the Native Reservation, here in Arizona.

We do what we can, to support everyone who needs it. Honor today, by giving what you can and educating yourself about the truth. 

Don't know where to start? 

Each purchase over here at Handmade Soap Club goes towards donating soap to those who need it; homeless shelters, people on the streets, our nearby Native reservations, low-income families, the list goes on. 

You can join our Soap Club for monthly delivery, or checkout our Soap Shop for individual orders.