HER Story: Teen Millionaire

HER Story: Teen Millionaire

Hey, You!

Just over a year ago, my family got together and made a video. In this video, you get an inside look into my life. I never expected over 20k views... And counting!!

While I no longer live at the same apartment - I explain how Handmade Soap Club began and continues to grow. Should I make an updated version?! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Watch the video on YouTube below.


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  • JC

    I’m interested in the up coming Trio collection. Your product appeals to me because of the natural ingredients used to make it and how the skin may absorb the nutrients in your soap. I’ve been buying Dove men+care body soap for several years because that’s all I know, how does your soap compare to Dove soap? Is your soap made for men or solely for women?

    You should make a YouTube channel all about your soap/brand and explain how your soap is more beneficial compared to your competitors. Explain the science behind the benefits of your soap.

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