Handmade With Love

Hey Soap Fam! 

I hear it everyday, “Lily!! You need soap makers.” “Lily! Can I make soap with you?”

Okay, okay…

I get it. Soap Making is cool. But I’ve tried to teach dozens of friends. Only my boyfriend can successfully make soap. Hmm…

Everyone is messy, disoriented, and confused, when it comes to the actual process.

Sure, I can teach someone how to measure oils and mix it all together. The problem is, I can’t teach someone how to pour intent and love into the soap. Without those two ingredients, our luxury soap is NOT the same.

After countless lessons, I’ve come to the conclusion: Handmade Soap Club is special, because of the soap I make. It’s so much more than the ingredients; All about the way the ingredients are mixed, and to which consistency. When to add essential oils, and how to add lines and swirls. It’s the freedom of creativity that has blessed Handmade Soap Club.

No bar is ever exactly the same - That’s the beauty.

However, each bar is extremely moisturizing, luxurious, and long-lasting. Let’s not forget about the added SUPERFOODS - such as, charcoal, spirulina, and turmeric - that give your skin an extra boost. 

For example, Spirulina contains Vitamin E, Tyrosine, and Selenium - all naturally occurring elements that moisturize and nourish the skin.

So here it is, Handmade Soap Club is a Family Business. And it always will be! Each bar from Handmade Soap Club has been touched and blessed by myself, and my boyfriend. You know exactly where your soaps are coming from. 

You can learn more at www.handmadesoapclub.com .

Love, Lily

P.S. I have a few unscented soaps available in the Soap Shop! Check them out at

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