FRAGRANCE: A Hidden Cause of Infertility and Cancer

Stop. You need to ditch your cancer-causing products.

Hey, You!

Pay attention, because this information may just save your life.

Soap. Candles. Shampoo. Conditioner. Lotion. Face wash. Serums. And more! All of these products contain fragrance. As yummy as these treats may smell, they contain carcinogens. Further, leading to cancer and other health defects.

One question sits in the back of my head - What exactly is a fragrance?

Essentially, it's be made up of chemical compounds. But exactly WHAT chemical compounds combine to create such a toxic substance? It's impossible to know!

That’s right, the cosmetic industry is NOT required to disclose the ingredients they use. In 1938, the industry was granted self-regulation. Since then, over 25,000 chemicals are marketed without government intervention. They could be using cyanide… nobody would know!

When product’s containing fragrance are used, unknown toxic chemicals are absorbed into the skin. Your skin absorbs everything we put onto it. It's our largest organ!

Further, entering the bloodstream. These chemicals do not leave our bodies! These chemicals store in our cells and break down our immune system, leading to cancer, immune deficiency, and infertility.

Some companies will go as far as lying to you!

They will claim their products are made with 'natural fragrance' or 'organic fragrance.' But there's no such thing!!

If it's not made using 100% essential oils, you're being poisoned. This is where essential oils come into the picture. These oils are 100% from Mother Earth, and pose no threat to our health. In fact, they have many physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

For example, lavender essential oil contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also be helpful in treating insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

My handmade luxury soaps are made with 100% essential oils. Derived from nature, it takes hundreds of pounds of flowers and herbs, just to make a few ounces.

Essential oils are a lost medicine.

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You don't need to lather in chemicals to smell good. Take a walk through your house, toss out the garbage. I'm talking about your Ocean Breeze candles, fragranced perfumes, and store-bought soaps. Even the soaps at Whole Foods are loaded with fragrance. Don't be fooled!!

Pamper your skin and protect your family! There is no need to sacrifice your health.

Love, Lily


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