Does Your Skin Get Irritated?

Before I began making soap, I had eczema everywhere... All over my face. It sucked.

According to Medical News Today, 'Eczema is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough. Blisters may sometimes occur. Different stages and types of eczema affect 31.6 percent of people in the United States. The word “eczema” is also used specifically to talk about atopic dermatitis, the most common type of eczema.'

Everyday, people ask if I know of eczema. Oh yes, trust me i've had the worst of it. Its itchy and annoying. Not to mention, your skin begins to painfully crack. 

When I began using my soap daily, all eczema, impetigo, etc. began to diminish. I haven't had a skin irritation in over 6 years.

Due to the harsh chemicals and fragrance found in store-bought soaps, your skin is bound to dry out and become irritated. Think about it... Without all that intense moisturizer after the shower, your skin is flaky and dry. 

When your system is invaded by toxins, it becomes triggered. Your body's response is inflammation that is red, itchy, and irritating. Chemicals break down your body's defense against pathogens. 

Below are some common eczema irritants (According to the National Eczema Association):
- metals
- household cleaners 
- fragrance 
- commercial soap
- Formaldehyde, which is found in household disinfectants, some vaccines, glues and adhesives
- Cocamidopropyl betaine used to thicken shampoos and lotions
- Isothiazolinones an antibacterial that is found in personal care products like baby wipes

My soaps are made with natural ingredients, 100% essential oils, and lots of lovin'. Protect your family. Preserve your skin. 

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Love Lily

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    Which soap is best to wash hair that has psoriasis on the scalp?

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