Everyone wants soap. 


In fact, YOU NEED SOAP!!


The use of soap breaks down dirt and grime that water alone cannot do. 


This seems elementary. 




I know, I know… But do you know what kind of soap to use?


What about which essential oils or herbs and botanicals? Why use bar soap over liquid soap?


I get the question everyday: ‘Why not use liquid soap?’


For hundreds of years people relied on bar soap to keep good hygiene, and ward off sickness. But, in 1865, a man named William Shepphard patented liquid soap.  In 1890, Minnetonka Corporation made Sheppherd’s liquid soap well known. It was called Softsoap.


The battle between bar and liquid soap had officially begun. 


Liquid soaps have become, over the years, the soap of choice. The switch from bar to liquid soap has been driven by the fear of bacteria on the bar itself.  But, that’s ridiculous because soap, by nature, kills bacteria.  


Technically, chemists have shown why.  Soap molecules are electrically charged salts that surround and destroy bacteria and virus’.  These destroyer molecules and protectors of health are called micelles.


Large companies however, began to stress that liquid soap was more

hygienic. This was a sales ploy.


If this is not a valid statement, then why would the argument be stressed so much? The answer is simply money. 


Let’s look at a couple of products that are on the market to prove why

the industry profits from the lie; 2 teaspoons of Olay liquid body costs

about $1.33 per wash. A solid bar of soap from Ivory only costed

approximately $0.09 each wash. See the difference?


Now that you can see the extreme different win cost, you can observe that companies received a significant profit when America switched from bars to liquid. 


Fact is, per wash, bar soap cheaper and healthier.


Liquid soap is also packaged in plastic, resulting in pollution. Plastic

ends up in our landfills and oceans, harming wildlife, and polluting the

air. Bar soap has a simple, environmental safe packaging and disposal.


Further, liquid soaps are loaded with emulsifying agents and stabilizers that are known to cause cancer.  Traditional bars of soap contain plant and animal fat that are nourishing to skin, unlike liquid soaps.


In sum, liquid soap offers no benefits to the consumer. Bar soap saves

money, it’s better for the environment, and healthier for the body. Bar soap simply saves lives!


To help with your soap decision, I have created a quiz to find the BEST SOAP FOR YOU.


Take the quiz and get your perfect bar!






Have you built your soap box yet? Shipments go out on the 21st!! Make sure you have selected your bars. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, I am here to help!


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