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The key to success is purpose. More than proving a point and having an explanation.


I’m talking about putting intent behind actions, further leading with passion. Specifically, within business and branding.


Babes Who Brunch is a community of “women in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and big dreams.” I was blessed with the opportunity to dive into this subject; Building a Brand with Purpose, alongside several successful women.


The Founder, Natalie, has inspired my inner girl-power, from when I was a kid. She offered the possibility of sponsoring the event with my Handmade Soaps. With a spontaneous invite, and 382 miles between myself and a great possibility; I rode a bus at midnight, from Phoenix to Los Angeles. The back pain was near unbearable.


But with the opportunity to meet other women with common interests, values, and pursuits - It was a breath of fresh air. They openly shared their passions, stories, and purpose behind their brands.


I’ve felt shot down by so much of society - especially since graduating high school, last May - telling me ‘no’, and trying to manipulate my decisions.


Since the Brunch, I have been reminded that I must trust myself, listen to myself, and keep an open mind when things don’t go as planned. But most importantly, the energy behind my Handmade Soaps makes a big impact.


My handmade soaps only use natural oils, 100% essential oils, and clay colorants. Sometimes, I top the bars with roses or lavender buds. Always made with love.


But, you already know this!


What you don’t know, is that each and every bar is blessed with sage and intent.


Sage has been known for thousands of years to rid bad spirits and negative energy. I personally use sage in my daily routine, to cleanse my being and home of unwanted energies - A major aspect of building purpose behind a brand.


I present luxury soap, made with love - intended to heal your body and comfort you.


With a purpose, I am able to spread the love - beyond friends and family.






P.S All soaps have been restocked for February! You can build your soap box at