2021 Affirmations

2021 Affirmations
Happy New Year, Soap Fam!
After a hectic year, a new one has finally arrived. So good riddance to those old days... And hello new beginnings...
We use this time to push the reset button. A moment to reflect on the previous year, and make alterations to our current lifestyle. Whilst it's all just a big illusion; last Sunday is the same as this Sunday, and yesterday is today, just as today is also tomorrow. We can still keep ourselves occupied while trying to better ourselves, ultimately improving our happiness. 
Envisioning your goals and aspirations is essential to creating your own reality. Some people make vision boards, goal lists, journal entries, whatever it may be! I've made a set of affirmations to guide you through 2021. Hopefully, you'll get some inspiration in making your own guide for this year. 
These quotes are empowering, boss vibes. You will feel like a badass, and wonder 'where the f*ck have I been?!' Make sure your vision is clear, heading into the new year. Get in tune with your divine essence. 
You can download the following link, and gain access to some 2021 guidance. 
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1. No one will give you your power, you have to take it.

2. I am aware of my divine grace. I am in tune with my soul's purpose. I am capable of everything. Today, I honor the god within. 

3. Your skin deserves the best.

4. Everything is energy, and that's it. Match the frequency to the reality you want, and you will receive that reality.

5. Cherish your passions, they are the children of your soul. The blueprints of your ultimate reality. 

6. Radiate boundless love, and high vibrations everywhere you go.

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