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10 Jul, 2020

This Is How We Do It

After mixing up all the lye and oils, saponification begins. We keep mixing. The liquid substance begins to get thicker and thicker. We keep mixing. This is when we would add essential oils or colorants. Then, we mix some more... And more... Until desired thickness. The entire soap batch is then poured into a soap mold.

The soaps then sit for a few days, and are hand cut, stamped, and beveled. Then, sit to cure for months. 

Did you know? The longer you let soap cure, the longer it will last in the shower. This means, even when you get your soaps, they age like wine! Let some soap sit for a month or two before using, notice the difference in lather and lasting. 
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10 Jul, 2020


I get the question everyday: ‘Why not use liquid soap?’


For hundreds of years people relied on bar soap to keep good hygiene, and ward off sickness. But, in 1865, a man named William Shepphard patented liquid soap.  In 1890, Minnetonka Corporation made Sheppherd’s liquid soap well known. It was called Softsoap.

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